Acción "Ofrenda para dxs"

Fausto Gracia (MX) and Sebastian H-W (MX/UK)
The Koppel Project Hive | L
ondon UK 02.11.2017
Fotografía: Mary Shackleton

Performance artists Fausto Gracia (MX) and Sebastian H-W (MX/UK) for their performance "Ofrenda Para Dxs" part of the finissage of the Cactus and Creatures exhibition from First Food Residency at The Koppel Project Hive.

"Ofrenda Para Dxs" is a performance install-action exploring the death cult folk saint 'La Santa Muerte' Drawing heavily upon our shared Mexican heritage, inspired by the upcoming ​'Dia De Los Muertos' (Mexican Day of the Dead) celebrations in November and the controversial, marginalised figure of ​La ​Santa Muerte ​- often seen as a the patron saint of the illicit underworld of Mexican society, and a protector of queer LGBTQI+ communities inMexico considered marginalised from predominantly Catholic society, whom ask for her for protection from violence, hatred, disease, and to help them in their search​ ​for​ ​love. Through ritual, materials and participatory actions we will explore the trans/formative potentials of how we confront, decolonise and reclaim our queer Latinx bodies for ourselves and each other.